Loedi ‘s adventures

Did you imagine that butterflies emerge from their pre-woven cocoons?

Loedi thought so too, until she discovered this wonderful place and witnessed the birth of the butterflies.

Loedi discovers a sunken city whose zinc roofs are not unknown to her.

Suddenly… a giant tentacle wraps itself around her foot and pulls her in !

Loedi tries to resist by grabbing a chimney but in vain, the rusty metal gives way and she is sucked into the octopus’ lair.

Sunset on a hot air balloon flight ! A long journey is starting, let’s go for an adventure !

What city is it overlooking the ocean ? It looks so familiar and yet it’s different.

Morning coffee with a beautiful view on the Seine… Loedi is enjoying her artist’s studio:

“Don’t worry” says Loedi to the gorgoyle, “Notre-Dame is eternal, we will rebuild your home !”:

It’s the week-end but nothing is happening as Loedi wished it:

Loedi and P’tit Jo are escaping for few days in the mountains: