The Hikkers Robots

Which one of those robots would you like to have with you for you next trek ?

The small moving hut will keep you warm during those long winter nights with its wood burning stove. Its glass dome will allow you to admire the stars without stepping outside ! During day time, the hut will follow you on the trails without being driven.

The umbrella fixed on the backpack will perfectly protect you by automatically tilting and rotating as per the direction of the rain and the position of the sun.

The removable deck will take you above the treetops so that you can enjoy a starry sky.

The backpack with paws can takes the lead and support you for the last kilometers of a tiring walking day.

The intelligent basket will be able to identify for you all the eatable plants, mushrooms, fruits and roots so that you can safely accomodate our meals.

So, which one will you take with you ?