The mummified cats of the Louvre

Choco and Loedi wanted to visit the Louvre together, but like all museums, it is forbidden to dogs. So they decided to go there at night, without anyone knowing:

“How big the Louvre is… we’ve been walking around for hours and I think we’re lost Loedi.

-Yes, Choco, unless… look at this sign: we’re entering the department of Egyptian antiquities! Egyptology is fascinating! Did you know that… something moved, right?

-Yes, and apparently it’s getting closer…. Let’s get out of here Loedi…

-Oh! Those are cat mummies! Look at them, Choco! That’s amazing!

-Oh no not the cats! Let’s go back Loedi!

-Wait Choco, I think they’re trying to tell us something…

-No no Loedi… let’s go! I’m getting chills… Look at their shadows…. They are not attached to the mummies…

-That would be… the ghosts of the mummified cats?!

For a breathless moment, fright invaded Loedi and Choco who ran away at full speed. Their screams were only matched by their fear and they resounded all the way to the courtyard of the Louvre!