A city overlooking the ocean…

This city looks familiar to me… where are we ?

Let’s take sometime overthere… shall we ?

This pontoon going towards the ocean seems to be the spot for a romantic date. Maybe he is a sailor with his ladylove ?

And this boat sailing the ocean… what is it going to fish ? Where is it going ?

I would love to drink a coffee on this roof top, the view might be great. Would you join me ?

Later we could get some fruits and vegetables from this greengrocer in the adjacent street…

Than we would walk along the sea cliffs before climbing up the big tower which reminds me of another one…

Isn’t it Saint James on the top ? Holding his pilgrim’s rod and wearing his cape, his eyes fixed on the ocean…

There would be so many others things to say about this city…. would you agree to stay some more ?

Artist studio with view on the Seine river !

Would you like to live in an artist studio with a beautiful view on the Seine in Paris ?

In Middle-Age, the parisian briges were built and inhabited… till the beginning of 19th century !

Just imagine how those briges would look like nowadays if their were still “capped” with those buildings ? Would you enjoy living there ?