“- Look at Choco! Visitors marvel at the seeds in our meadows. Does nature have to be locked up in a museum for man to become aware of its beauty?

– Apparently Loedi… “sigh”.

– These are the same people who walk past parks, gardens, flower boxes and other plant installations every day without even a glance. And if I stop to admire a flower or the veins of a leaf, they look at me sideways as if I were abnormal.

You have to know how to look at nature in its natural state. Even in the city, it is omnipresent if you take the trouble to pay attention to your surroundings.

– But Loedi, maybe they don’t know how to see and wonder anymore.

– How sad! Could the exhibition be a bridge between their lost childlike soul and nature? An ephemeral bridge…

– Perhaps… “Sigh”.


Recipe for a little haven of life:

Recipe for a little haven of life:

A few mixed seeds.
A little soil.
A little water.
A lot of love.

Put it all together and let it sit and wait…. wait… wait…

Nature takes care of the rest:

Sprouted seeds.
The first leaves of the seedlings.
Growth that is almost visible at a glance.
The buds soon give way to the first flowers.
While the petals have faded, the first fruits appear.

Observe, smell, touch, marvel !

When the fruits are ripe, pick, crunch and enjoy !