The soul of a country

“How do you manage to play music on this broken harp?

– I can do it because the music I play represents the soul of a country: it’s the Ukrainian anthem.

– I don’t understand…

– Like this harp, even if everything around you is destroyed, looted and ravaged, never forget that the soul of a country and those of its heroes are immortal… Keep hope Choco, keep faith in the future. ”


Душа страны

“- Как играть музыку на этой сломанной арфе?

– Я делаю это потому, что музыка, которую я играю, представляет собой душу страны: это гимн.

– Я не понимаю…

Подобно этой арфе, даже если все вокруг разрушено, разграблено и опустошено, никогда не забывайте, что душа страны и ее герои бессмертны… Сохраняйте надежду, Чоко, сохраняйте веру в будущее.”

PS: Why Kharkiv and not another Ukrainian city? Because the drawing is based on a photo. The one of Alina who left her home when a shell fell in front of her house. She now lives in Paris and tries to keep hope in the future.


Почему Харьков, а не другой украинский город? Потому что рисунок основан на фотографии. Алина покинула свой дом, когда перед ее домом упал снаряд. Сейчас она живет в Париже и пытается сохранить надежду на будущее.

Once upon a time… at Café Léonard

Once upon a time… at Café Léonard, there was a happy band of amateur artists who liked to share their passion.

“You see, Choco, it’s more motivating to draw with others. And over a coffee, it’s fun! I can’t wait to see each other’s drawings!

– Yes Loedi! I’m hungry… Isn’t there a biscuit for me next to your coffee?

– “Sigh”. You’re always hungry Choco… and no there’s no biscuit.”

Loedi and the coco’s birds

Do you know the coco’s birds? No ? Have you never seen one in the sky of Paris ?

What a pity… they are so incredible!

Let me explain how Loedi does it. If you follow these tips…. maybe you will see them one day!

First, you should know that coco’s birds hate cold and bad weather. In Paris… this limits the opportunities, but don’t despair: the best time of the year is in July and August, during those two to three weeks of heat wave, when we dream of a cocktail on a beach surrounded by coconut trees… and we have nothing else but our dear Haussmann buildings.

Secondly, to optimise your chances, you should know that coco’s birds are great gourmets: they love fruit of all colours, preferably ripe. They can eat a lot in no time! If you want to have the chance to see them up close, do like Loedi and bait them with a huge basket of fruit!

Third and last important point, coco’s birds have only one leg and two very large wings. They are therefore not very agile and cannot land anywhere without damaging their delicate wings. To make them want to land next to you, add some long and stable poles near the fruit basket to give them an ideal perch. Like Loedi, you can also opt for real coconut trunks, but this is a little more difficult to set up.

Now that you know everything… think of climbing on the roofs of Paris next summer and discovering the coco’s birds!

In the land of the cedars

Many will tell you that this is a small country but it is not.

If only they had taken the measure of it by the rhythm of their footsteps… they would not have said the same thing to you.

Welcome to Lebanon!

Come, I’ll take you walking with Loedi and P’tit Jo in the heart of the mountains!

We will follow the purple and white markings of the Lebanese Mountain Trail (L.M.T.), the first long distance hiking trail in Lebanon.

Why the purple colour? Because the purple of Tyr (a coastal city in the south of Lebanon) is a purplish red dye made from molluscs, which the invention is attributed to the Phoenicians.

With the tent in the backpack and the drawing board under the arm, we will walk for eight days, from the Horsh Ehden natural reserve to the village of Baskinta. From north to south, in the heart of the Christian mountains.

Are you ready? Let’s go…


The joys of spring

“A garden, even a small one, is the gateway to heaven !” _ Marie Angel


With the return of warmer weather, it’s time to plant again!

This year, beans are in the spotlight, alongside tomatoes, peppers and nasturtiums!

They will soon take place next to the strawberry, oregano and lemon grass plants, at the feet of the raspberry, mulberry and myrtle trees!

And you, what have you planted this year?

A city overlooking the ocean…

This city looks familiar to me… where are we ?

Let’s take sometime overthere… shall we ?

This pontoon going towards the ocean seems to be the spot for a romantic date. Maybe he is a sailor with his ladylove ?

And this boat sailing the ocean… what is it going to fish ? Where is it going ?

I would love to drink a coffee on this roof top, the view might be great. Would you join me ?

Later we could get some fruits and vegetables from this greengrocer in the adjacent street…

Than we would walk along the sea cliffs before climbing up the big tower which reminds me of another one…

Isn’t it Saint James on the top ? Holding his pilgrim’s rod and wearing his cape, his eyes fixed on the ocean…

There would be so many others things to say about this city…. would you agree to stay some more ?